Divine Frequencies & Reiki

The miracle of being born in this body is to experience the human condition and learn about our soul's purpose and savor the life's challenges while staying connected to the Source.

However, going through life challenges is not as easy as one may like to imagine and it can often diminish one's healthy auic field. So, we all from time to time, need to remind ourselves of our true soul purpose and refresh our connection to the Source.

Dr Usui's original teachings were concealed and kept in secret until last century, when they became known to some masters through the discovery of Dr Usui's original manuscripts, that vowel sounds of the Reiki symbols are more potent when spelled correctly than in their written form. And that forms the bases of the course which I present.

In this workshop we will be looking into the potential of healing sounds, for shifting our frequencies and helping us to transcend above the "pain body" as Echart Tolly talks about in his book, the New Earth.

What the course involves?

Here, I invite you to take the concept of classical way of implementing Reiki a step further in experiencing Reiki and sound-healing as in one.
This course is based on the essentials of Reiki as a framework to administer hands off healing and also the most relevant aspects of energy healing templates such as Chakra balancing, sacred geometry (cymatics) energetic alignment as well as angels and crystals.
We will also look at analytical methods and how to formulate a simple treatment plan for giving sound Reiki to yourself and others.
This course is not just about learning Reiki, but to BECOME REI-KI through creative expression of sacred sounds.

This method of integrated Sound-work ( your voice, the background music, the tuning forks, tshinga bells, metal and crystal singing bowls) with Reiki, is a very powerful and uplifting experience for the client as much as for the practitioner.
Those who have a background in Reiki or other healing modalities can fully appreciate the outcomes of this course both on a personal level, as well as using this method for family and friends and clients.
However if you are new to Reiki or Sound Healing but a keen explorer of the 'healing arts', you can gain a lot from this course, as this will help you to extended your understanding of Human Matrix and Universal Energies. for personal healing and empowerment

This course is not recommended for anyone dependent on mood altering substances, anti depressants or receiving clinical help for mental and emotional issues.

What dose this course cover?

This course is about the application of Sound-work in Meditation as well as other healing modalities. Also included, are practical excesses for measuring and strengthening our own biofield energy: To shake off any residual leftovers from life situations which may have left their energetic mark on one's biofield and help them to return to their spiritual order, emotional equilibrium and physical wellbeing.
In this course you will also:

  • Discover which sound healing instruments to incorporate within your own practice.
  • Learn some unmatched methods for using a selection of sound healing instruments on yourself or on your clients
  • Identify and activate the frequencies that match your own body-mind's healthy/higher states.
  • Assess your own energy level and re-attune yourself to your Soul's purpose.
  • Identify your "Power Chakra" and learn how to use that energy in your everyday life.
  • Harmonise your upper and lower Chakra frequencies and centre yourself with soundwork , breath and intent.

How the course is organised?

This course offers a flexible, modular learning path for busy individuals and practitioners of healing arts. The program includes two tutorials and one full day course (FHT endorsement in process). You can either start with the tutorials and end with the full day course or vice versa. If you decide to take the atunement with us, you would pay half price for this course when enrolled at the same time for Reiki (level I, II or III) attunement.

Venue & time

This course is held at Earthbeat Studio (West London) on the 3rd Saturdays of the month from 10.00am – 6.00pm - For tutorials, please see the menu on the right.
For all  other enquiries please send me an email or contact the studio  020 8811 1556 between 9.00am and 6.00pm