I never see what has been done;
I only see what remains to be done...


I founded the Earthbeat wellness centre in 1995, with the vision of bringing alternative therapies and crafts under one roof. To me, healing and creativity are gifts from God our creator, that if used responsibly and mindfully, one can transcend from illness to health, from dispare to hope and from lack to abundance to prosperity.

Throughout my career, I have worked in many different settings as a teacher and a therapist.  My work spans Adult and Primary Education, GP surgeries, sports centres and charitable organisations (MIND and St Mungos).

During my years of lecturing in holistic subjects  at Adult Education in London (BACES and H&F) since 2000, I have developed and taught courses such as:” Samskara Bodywork”, “Gentle Yoga”, “Meditation” and “Reiki & Other Healing Methods”. 
I have learned a great deal from teaching in Adult Educations and have used this experience to create my unique style of programs and treatment sessions.

I have contributed to the Hammersmith and Fulham Adult Education sector, offering one of my courses under the title of Healing Bodywork- accredited by LOCN in 2003.The “Healing Samskaras bodywork” is the resulting manual that I published the same year. Later, this was transformed into a follow up edition, Holorhythmic™ Therapy, which is due to be published soon.

My teaching method is learner orientated, inclusive and experiential. I take great joy in designing workshops to suit the individual’s requirements, abilities and preferences. I incorporate art and healing, combined with background knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sound Healing in all my workshops and courses.
My aim is to help others achieve clarity and focus in their life to overcome their limitations and reach their dreams.

Working as a holistic practitioner, since 1996, has led me to develop my career on a multi- disciplinary approach. My therapy practice is substantiated from a scientific perspective, as much as spiritual, allowing me to work with the recipients’ energy as well as their specific physical ailments in a discreet and sensitive manner. I have extensive experience in working with people suffering from emotional and stress related issues, manifesting as physical complaints , e.g.: skin, respiratory and circulatory systems, musculo-skeletal and mobility problems. I never see myself as "the healer", but the facilitator of a process which is the result of a combined efforts between the practitioner and the recipient.

Making Udu clay drums, brings me closer to my Divine purpose in life and is an act of meditation and self-healing. I am passionate about researching the therapeutic and balancing properties of forms, clays and glazes. This is an ongoing research which is enabling me to expand my teachings and treatments into a newer levels.

My Future Plans consist of evolving my practice in the light of new developments within the holistic world, creating a butterfly effect of hope and joy among those who cross my path.