Inner Alchemy - Malas & Mantras

Our true essence is an alchemical fusion of matter and spirit... Isis
The Inner Alchemy happens when, the shapes, colours and sounds are fused with your intent to produce a mala with a unique Meru Bead representing your innermost potential and intent.

Malas made of Faience or Egyptian Paste have long been used for connecting the wearer with helpful natural and cosmic forces. Often referred to as Sacred or Power beads, the malas can be used for meditation, prayer, chanting for health, abundance peace and success, as long as they are created with a specific intention in mind.
The minerals and oxides contained in faience are tried for thousands of years, bearing medicinal and almost magical properties; They interact with our energy field, balancing our chakras/ aura, affecting our body, mind and moods. When worn next to the skin, the beads can provid protection against negativity while reconnecting you with the abundant Universal Love.

What the workshop covers?

This workshop is a unique combination of crafting your own mala and attaining spiritual enchantment through working with:
Earth (faience/clay), Metal (oxides/glazes), Water (intent/healing frequencies), Wood (creativity/sound), Fire (mindfulness and transformation).
This workshop will take you to the depths of your Higher consciousness and reveal the power of mantras especially the ones that resonate well with your true essence. You will also :

- Learn the correct use of the mala, its history and origins.
- Learn how create beads, spacers and a meru or guru bead (or stringing the readymade ones), reflecting your intent.
- Discover which are the corresponding oxides relevant to your personal outcomes.
- Experiment with the Sacred sounds of 5 Elements, formulate your own mantra (in your preferred language) or learn simple yet powerful Sanskrit and Buddhist mantras which will help you to:
-Recognise and transform your limiting old beliefs and replace negative emotions (anxiety, depression anger, hopelessness, etc...) with empowering emotional attitudes.
-Heal any memories of wounds and unresolved situations from your past, left on your energy fields.
- Reprogramme and empower your finished work following your intent and intuition.
-Bless, protect or strengthen any aspect of your life or health.

How the workshop is organised?

This is a one to one program.Faiance Beads
The workshop runs over 5 hours contact time, delivered in one Saturday or spread over one two weekdays (each 2.30 hour sessions) should you wish to create your own beads from start.
The first part of the sessions will provide, all you need to start and proceed with designing your power beads, while experiencing the healing effects of mantra chanting.
On the second part of the session, you will string and assemble your beads into a mala, followed by a blessing ceremony for energetically charging your work.
If you choose the 'bead making' option, the workshop fee still covers most materials and one kiln firing. You will be given enough paste / clay to produce a full length mala (108 beads) and one guru bead. Should you wish to create more beads and pieces, there will be a small charge for the extra materials and the firing.

What can be achieved at the end of this workshop?

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to use simple breathing techniques alongside with using your own special mantra , using your voice to bring about positive change on inner and outer levels. Your creation will not only act as your own unique mala, but with frequent use over a short period of time, it will grow to become an attractor for all things positive or to ward off the negative.
After finishing this workshop you can continue on your spiritual creativity journey by taking up the Healing Pottery: Udu Drum Making workshop at 10% less than the normal price.

Venue & time

The workshop runs at Earthbeat Studio (see the map) on 4th Saturday of the month - 10.00 pm - 5.00 pm . For weekdays, please see the menu on the right.
Please check for the availability before paying a deposit.
For all  enquiries please send an email to: or contact the studio  020 8811 1556 weekdays between 9.00am and 6.00pm