Take a test and decide...

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How would you rate your preference for hot spicy or salty food in comparison to other tastes?
Does pressure or heat (both) alleviates your symptom?
How easy is for you to relax at will?
During an average active day, dose your energy level drops suddenly between 3 - 7pm?
Can your condition be classified as chronic? (had it for more that 6 months) ?
How would you rate your preference for sweet food or taste in comparison to other flavours?
Do you feel comfortable/ supported when people show concern about your health?
Have you had a traumatic experience or any accidents that you can recall off vividly?
How easy is for you to adapt to a new situation?
Do you feel sluggish -tiered- upon rising in the morning even after a good night sleep?
Is sour, citric or vinegary tastes your preference among other tastes?
How easy do you find sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings with your close ones ?
How able do you believe you are in careful planning and executing your plans?
How easy is for you to assimilate a new idea?
Can you express your ideas by any creative means? (writing, dancing, crafts etc...)