Embrace Positive Change
Anyone, regardless of their age, gender and beliefs has something to gain and a few things to let go!
This is about recycling your unwanted “stuff” on all levels and to bring about positive change in your life and to your health.
Come along to energise yourself and experience a deep sense of inner joy from each session. 
These sessions involve mindful breathing and sound-healing, synchronised with gentle yoga and assisted bodywork, to revive your wellbeing and boost your energy level. 

How this works?
Sound has long been recognized and used for entraining the sluggish faculties of the body to regain their normal functionality. This don’t mean a remittance from a chronic pathological illness (though there have been cases reported to have averted type 2 diabetics , HBP and Tinitus) however the healing sounds, work on the mental and emotional “bodies” and the useful frequencies work their way into the physical and cellular levels.
This works by a physics law of  ‘Sympathetic Resonance’ , where the person’s weakened organs are encouraged to re-vibrate on healthy organs frequency. One can go as deep and specific to exemplify the possibilities achievable through sound work or just take the overall healing and restorative properties of sounds for general mental and emotional wellbeing.

Sundays 6.30 - 7.30
The Park Club
(Members: join free- Non-members: please enquire at the reception: 020 8740 4599 )
East Acton Lane, London W3 7HB

Tuesdays 7.00- 8.30
Earthbeat Studio – 4 A The Green, London W3 7PQ

Drum and Thrive

Udu Drumming & Mindful Empowerment
I started this event as a part of Mental Health Awareness Week on May 16th 2015 and continue since to raise awareness on NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder - a commonly overlooked psychological condition - affecting %65 of the population of the world.
The adverse emotional impacts, inflicted by a narcissistic family member, a co-worker or a friend result in: unresolved anger, depression, loss of enthusiasm, feeling of worthlessness, inability to make decisions, self-doubt, isolation ....
If you recognise two or more of this signs in yourself or someone else, then don’t miss the Drum & Thrive events. face book page.
Those who have been challenged thriufg a toxic relationship, can still rebuild their inner strength and self esteem, regain their self confidence and live a happier life by practicing mindfulness through drumming, soundwork and personal rhythms entrainment.
In this group we mainly use Udu drums, for the most detoxifying frequencies which they produce and thier amazing "earth" tones for grounding and activating one's own self-healing energies.
No drumming experience necessary. Udu drums are available to choose from at the studio, however If you have made an Udu or have a drum already you can bring your own, if you wish.