Embrace Positive Change

I am offering the monthly sessions of SoundBath & Meditation, based the current astrological occurrences, impacting our physical, mental and emotional energies.Time of great transformation has already started and will continue as we head towards the autumn and winter months. Submerging into a pool of healing, uplifting and empowering frequencies is a great way to equip yourself for withstanding the effects of such "celestial storms", and transcend above your daily and personal challenges with ease.
Each session starts with a gentle warm-up bodywork, followed by soundbath, guided visualisation and group healing. Light refreshments and snacks available throughout the evening. Open to all ages and abilities with no previous experience or knowledge in sound healing, energy work or astrology. Please be informed that these sessions are not promoting any spiritual beliefs- nor are a substitute for medical treatments.

How the evening is organised?
We start the session at 7.00pm with Acusonic Bodywork, and Mindful Breathing. until 7.30 pm, then into the Soundbath from 7.30 pm - 8.00 pm. Finishing with group Reiki 8.00 pm - 8.30 pm
Performing gentle movementsand energy balancing bodywork with carefully selected sound-tracks .
Mindful breathing excersises and sound-work, synchronised with gentle yoga and assisted bodywork, can restore your wellbeing and boost your energy level.  preparing the body and mind for the Sound-bath and Meditation. 
Guided meditation is an integral and onging part of these sessions, helping you to sail over the sound waves of crystal and metal singing bowels.
Drum and Thrive 
We also, occasionally incorporate Udu drumming with the Soundbath.
Udu drums are unique for the frequencies they produce and their amazing "earth" tones which grounds and centers the person after a stressful experience or a long busy Session,
Also a wonderful opportunity for those of you who wish to re-attune with your Udu drums (previously made in our workshop) and reprogram the drum to resonate with your current or future life objectives.
For those who are new to Udu drumming, this is the perfect situation to explore and experience self-healing beyond its conventional means: to understand the power of rhythmic breathing and mindful drumming.
Reiki Share
Occasionally as a part of our Sound-bath & Meditation evening at Earthbeat studio, we use the raised energy for giving Reiki to each other and sending healing to the world . No previous experience needed as you will be guided how to use this wonderful energy in a safe and efficient way. However for those of you on the Reiki and Atunement course, this part of the evening can be a great opportunity for practicing your Reiki skills (supervised 15 minutes treatment) on one of the volunteering participants.
We end the evening with a group drumming meditation to ground ourselves, and send Reiki for health and peace on Earth.

Join us for 2 hour of learning & fun :