what others say...

“After a difficult break-up I went for a Holorhythmic session with Shakeh to help me move forward. I wasn't’t sure if it was going to make me feel better but it did. Not only did the session provide me with a lot of answers as to why the break-up really had happened, but it also helped me turn a corner. I now feel emotionally stronger and much more ready to move on. Holorhythmic technique is very effectively. Not only it helped me feel like my problems really mattered but also how my posture can revive the inner strength I thought I had lost.

I would recommend Shakeh to anyone – even skeptics or people new to energy medicine - because if anyone could help you on your way to solve your problems or get a new insight it would be her!”

Josette , Kent


"Shakeh recently gave me a Shiatsu treatment - the first time I have tried anything like it. At the time I was fairly stressed and tired and for 2 or 3 years had been unable to turn my head very far to the left. Shakeh 'unblocked' this problem and the session left me feeling re-energised and 'rearranged'. She is very caring, sensitive and a great listener. Thank you! "

David, Hanwell


"I have now received about four Shiatsu treatments from Shakeh and it is amazing how energetic I feel every time I leave her lovely therapy room. She is very welcoming and always checks very skill fully where I am right now in my life and what I hope the purpose of the Shiatsu session will be. Whatever my most urgent issue is, she adjusts the session with specific treatments so my needs are met in the best way. You can just tell she loves to give Shiatsu treatments and I definitely will be back for some more!"

Karin, Ealing


"I received shiatsu from Shakeh about two months ago. She easily relates to people and is very good at getting to the root of the problem. I was helped to restore my frozen neck's flexibility in just two sessions."

John Harris, London


"Since last year, after my divorce was finalised I was in shock and couldn't come in terms with my new situation. I went to see Shakeh for a Holorhythmic Coaching session. She offered a practical and sensitive assessment of what is going on and  took  time to  discuss how to go about dealing with my problem in depth and make sure that  I was  comfortable before proceeding with the  treatments.

Her approach is unpretentious and meticulously structured. All I know I had regained my confidence back and my migraines also disappeared after just 3 sessions."

Helen Gidding, East London


"I  went to see Shakeh for a general consultation,  after having been diagnosed with crohns disease 5 years ago. While the obvious symptoms were being controlled by a daily prescription of drugs; I was left feeling depressed and out of control. Most days the drugs worked to cure the extreme symptoms but I was still suffering from stress related side effects and the anxiety of not knowing when my body would override the prescription.

We had an initial telephone consultation where we discussed the symptoms- both mental and physical. We discussed my lifestyle and also how  I  imagined my life would be if I didn't’t have this illness. Having assessed my  presenting symptoms,  Shakeh  suggested that  I  try one of  her shiatsu taster sessions.  Following on from her taster session, I was told  that  my symptoms would be significantly alleviated in just 4 sessions. In addition to this, by following some practical advice  I  will be able to continue to control the symptoms in the future.

Following on from the treatments, since 2 months ago, I feel more confident,  fully in control of  my illness and also have remarked that my general health and skin are dramatically improved."

Emma Miller


"I treated my self to a  Chakra Balancing full day workshop in January 2009. Shakeh is a generous teacher. She is able to impart her knowledge in a clear and concise way and her passion for the subjects she teaches is obvious."

Ined Smith, South London


Hi Shakeh! I hope you are very well. The drum is fantastic, I realized how personal it is. It just drives me when I play. In the beginning I tried to concentrate on what I'm playing then I noticed that every time I get into a flow where I can't control my hands it's just playing different pattern's and doesn't stop or fall out of rhythm. The drum is like part of me for those moments. It's really great. Thank you.

Balaz, Bulgaria