Chakra Elixir Oil

A blend of seven rare essential oils straight from the bottle or to be diluted with your preferred oil or alcohol based carrier. Each aroma in this blend is proportionally measured and incorporated into small amount of Grape-seed base oil, in harmony with the seven chakras in our system. The various tones expand and awaken the energy centres as a chain reaction once released from the bottle. A couple of drops of Chakra Elixir can be added to purified water in a spray bottle to cleanse the rooms from residual energies.
The Chakra Elixir Oil is not available in the shops and it is only prepared to order from the link on my Etsy shop. Please contact to receive a sample scent patch before placing an order.
The content is free from colourings or additives and safe for pregnant women. However one should take caution when using this or any other aromatherapy essential oils. Use the patch to test for any unlikely allergic reactions.

Energy Soaps - Chakra Balancing Kit

Make the bath-time a time to self-heal with Energy Soaps, Divine Frequencies CD or the

Whether it is our own self-healing power, or the positive forces working though the Energy Soaps, they do affect our moods and energise our body-mind. Made with the scent (blend of high quality essential oils) corresponding to our chakras' colours, each soap comes with an informative booklet of chakras associations.
You can choose the colours that you like, but the real healing happens when you agree to work with your less favorite ones!
Even if your chakras don’t need balancing, the soaps make an attractive accessory in your bathroom and you can enchant your guests with the  music CD. Whether it is the power of the mind, body's self-healing ability or the positive forces working though the Energy Soaps, they do affect our moods and energise our body-mind. Each Energy Soap is made with the scent (blend of high quality essential oils) corresponding to our chakras' colours. In conjunction with the Divine Frequencies CD, these fragrant gems can act as a mood enhancing tool. You can experience this for yourself through the Divine Frequencies workshops.

Divine Frequencies
Music CD By Glenn Halton
For balancing the chakras and meditation

The seven tracks on this CD have been specially compiled for the unique harmonising frequencies they evoke in the listener, matching with the vibrations that corresponds to each chakra’s Energy Soap.


Chakra soap 2

Energy Soap Selection
7 small chunks in a net pouch

Start your spiritual journey with any one of the seven Chakra Soaps.

Kind to your skin and kind to the Earth, these soaps are individually hand-crafted, by the highest standards of care and hygiene. The unique synthesis of essential oils, cosmetically approved colours, and the healing properties ascribed to each crystal gem, are combined together with the affirmations booklet, to create a self-empowering experience for the user.

£15.00 per bag

Chakra Balancing Gift Box

Melt away in a deeply life-transforming experience!
Enter the world of celestial vibrations and energising aromas, and empowering affirmations as the healing sounds and gentle fragrances work their magic!


Only 5 Available

Otto Set 32Hz 64Hz 128Hz

Weighted otto set for spine tissue nerve healing
Excellent to use individually with the stem placed on the body or by toning above & around the body. When the stem end is placed on the body, you can physically feel the vibration more and also feel the vibration at a deeper level.
Includes velvet pouch & mallet/activator.

£85.00 per set



The Book

Currently out of print

Healing Samskara Bodywork

ISBN 0-9551 60405

Find out how the Reciprocal Triggering Process can affect our life?

Identify the signposts on the journey to improved living and well being, with specific chapters that give practical self-diagnostic tests and guided visualisations. An informative guide book for healers and therapists, to implement in a consultation setting as well as for the individual readers to continue at their own pace to discover "how to change the course of unwanted repetitive patterns in life and start attracting their heart's desires ". With its comprehensive, easy-to-use framework on how to activate the Law of Attraction and sustain it, this is the perfect manual for anyone.

Paperback 189 pages


Available to order

Holorhythmic Bodywork Chart
A3 format

Can some selective Yoga posture help us to attract what we truly need in life?
A companion to the book of Healing Samskara Bodywork or on its own as an easy to follow reference chart, indicating the relationship of organs, emotions and the cause and effect of our complaints.


Available to order

Set of three A3 posters showing the acupressure points, their function and indications. An ideal source of information for students of holistic therapies as well as anyone interested using the acu-points for some 127 common ailments.


£25.00 per set