What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu touchShiatsu is a type of healing touch treatment, closely related to Acupuncture and based on Chinese Traditional Medicine principals.

Shock, trauma, accidents, climatic changes, jet lags, diet, life transitions and stress can cause a disturbance within the body, effecting the endocrine and central nervous systems, weakening our immune system and lowering our emotional tolerance .

These imbalances can be detected within the cycle of the 5 Elements' interaction of the receiver. Therefore, working on the subdued Elements can result in recovery or maintenance of good health.

This technique supports the belief that the energy or Qi must flow freely in the body in order to achieve well-being and maintain good health. Any internal or external factors, which interrupt that flow, could result in many different types of complaints.
Shiatsu is a practical and convenient way of treatment. it can be delivered at any place or situation, as an on site treatment in offices or hospitals. Being a gentle form of therapy, elderly and children particularly welcome Shiatsu.

What does Shiatsu involve?

On the initial session will be given an overview of the Five Elements theory and the Zen Shiatsu principles, so you can have a clear idea on the treatment process and your future treatment plans.
The session starts with an in depth consultation and diagnostic routine, determining the energies affected by any internal or external factor, causing you problems. Shiatsu stimulates and re-balance the flow of Qi. The work proceeds over the meridians (energy channels) and acu-points (energy vortices) by applying light fingertip pressure, palming or gentle rotation and stretching techniques.

Shiatsu is performed through clothing, therefore for your comfort, wearing loose clothing is recommended. For certain conditions, if necessary I may use heat therapy with  Moxa, cupping or acupunture with a partial skin exposure.

Usually an immediate effect is noticed straight after the first treatment , or you may not feel any change until the following morning. Some may experience "healing crisis" as their system goes through a self-adjustment period in which case more gradual and in depth approach over several sessions would be advisable.

What Shiatsu can be used for?

Shiatsu can improve one’s health on physical, mental and emotional levels, leaving the recipient in a pleasant state of relaxation free from aches, tension and stress. The results are fast acting yet long lasting. It  works as a corrective/ preventative measure for many common complaints. The following conditions respond very well to Shiatsu (see my clients testimonials):

  • Regulating moods and Increasing stamina
  • Overcoming depression related with life changes, stress and trauma
  • Relaxing the neck, back & joint stiffness
  • Relieving tension head aches and migraines
  • Improving circulation, respiration and digestion
  • Regulating the bowel movement
  • Eliminating toxins and fluids (water retention)
  • Other conditions which respond well to Shiatsu are: Strained Back and Pulled Muscles, Neck strain,Slipped disc. Frozen Shoulder,Tennis Elbow, Runners knee, Shin splints, Sprained Ankle and Achilles tendon,Plantar Fasciitis.

Auxiliary methods

Though Shiatsu alone is effective on its own, but in some cases, I may suggest one of the following auxiliary methods, during or after a Shiatsu session, to target specifics issues:

Extremely helpful for localised, acute tissue damage Orthopaedic Acupuncture focuses on areas with temporary inflammation, swelling and bruising, spasms, tenderness and loss of mobility. It releases body’s natural pain killers (endorphins & opiates) to the damaged area and speeds recovery. I use filiform ultra thin disposable needle- the most common type of needle used in present day clinics. The body of the needles could be made of gold, silver, copper or stainless steel and the handle, usually made of silver or copper coil.

Especially effective in the treatment of chronic problems, I may introduce moxa in a Shiatsu session, to treat conditions associated with "dampness" and "cold" or "deficient patterns " such as common colds and asthma, general weakness (yang deficiencies) and prolaplses. Moxa, gently warms regions and acupoints with the intention of stimulating circulation of blood and qi through the body where the receiver is frail or has limited mobility. Moxibustion can also serve to turn baby's breech position.

I may also proceed with gentle cupping for indirectly accelerating the blood flow to or from the affected areas, further more, if necessary. The adjacent muscles are used to stimulate the circulation. Mainly used to relief tension from head, neck and shoulder as well as acute pain and tightness along the spine and lower back.

Test result: Physical plane

Having your results linked to this page, denote the preponderance of your "Physical" cycle and its connection with your etheric body (Etheric body is the matrix upon which the physical is formed). That means, you would well enjoy and benefit from a HANDS-ON treatment, applied as lightly or as deeply as you wish.
Shiatsu is enjoyable way for rebalancing the activity of all internal vital organs.
Here the initial change is perceived on the 'Physical' level, closely connected to your etheric (meridianal matrix.) body, before reaching and affecting the emotional, mental and astral levels.