What is Holorhythmic™ Therapy?

Holorhythmic™ Therapy is a learnable program of up to 6 or 12 sessions, facilitating you to take control or change any aspect of your life.
Holorhythmic™ Therapy method is highly effective for life transformation and personal empowerment, integrating the knowledge of Universal Laws and Healing Sounds with that of Shiatsu and Reiki. Holorhythmic™ Therapy can also  be used as a powerful catalytic aid, enhancing the positive results of any other form of treatment that you may be receiving at the time. With this method of personal improvement, you can learn to enjoy life to its fullest and sustain that positive state for longer.

What does Holorhythmic™ Therapy involve?

Holorhythmic™ Therapy centres around reprogramming the matrix of one's subtle bodies, (physical/etheric, emotional, mental, astral).
Each session lasts aproximatly 90 minutes and involves learning about the componants of this method as well as monitoring and planning your past and forthcoming treatments, based on your main presenting symptoms/issue and your progress.
At the end of each session you will be given excersisies to follow at home and keep a journal of your progress while on this program.
Each session will be different from the previous ones as we will be following your personal energetic changes, your on-the-day individual requirements and preferences while working towards your innitial healing outcome.

how can this sessions benefit you ?

The benefits are far-reaching: you will see changes on physical level (pains and tenssions will disappear), on your thought patterns (calmer and more focused mental state) as well as on your emotional responses.
You will also experience positive shifts happening in other areas of your life, beyond your conscious expectations.

We will be working toghter to realign your personal life rhythms with that off the frequencies of the Universal Templates, to replenish your bio-magnetic field or your subtle bodies' matrix. In fact, you become the designer of your own treatment plans while continue building up on the knowledge of :

  • Holorhythmic™ Therapy principles for personal transformation.
  • immunising yourself against stress inducing factors and for renewing your vitality and strength from within. 
  • Identifying unwanted repetitive patterns in life and health.
  • learning methods for pre-empting those patterns from recuring.
  • constructing and merging with a better version of your holographic self.
  • overcoming unexplained fears, aches and chronic fatigue.

After few sessions of Holorhythmic™ Therapy, you will be able to use this method on your own as a self- restorative tool and for  preventing old patterns from repeating,
Practicing this method regularly, will help you to manifest your positive intentions and become a living magnet for all that you intend to attract.

Test result: Intuitive plane

Having your results linked to this page, denotes that you are a highly intuitive type who would benefit from an integrated modality, rather than choosing a single method of treatment with humble results. Your astral body is more active than most of us, making you a natural skeptic or a 'silent sufferer' looking for reasons more than just a cure.
So, if none of the existing conventional methods has ever worked for you, then this is where you belong.
Holorhythmic™ Therapy uses a unique combination of mind and body workouts incorporating sound, touch and scents to align yourself with the innate programming of your mind - your Samskaras for achieving the ultimate state of wellbeing.
Here, the healing or change happens in layers on a multidimensional level, simultaneously benefiting your physical, emotional, mental and astral bodies.