What is Reiki Sound Healing?

Chakras are "energy centres" permeating from specific points on the body and around the location of endocrine glands. They can also be perceived as the electro-magnetic field surrounding the body,  known as the Aura or Light body. The Chakras, are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies, taking in the useful and pure frequencies directed by Reiki and recycling the light body’s unwanted or depleted energies.

Reiki or the Universal Energy interacts with the frequencies of the Chakras or the Light body and directly affects the physical and emotional states of the person, as the Chakras are  related to our body's endocrine glands and lymphatic system.

What does Reiki Sound Healing involve?

Chakra healing incorporates light touch of Reiki, sound vibrations, scents (essential oils), sound and colour bathing, thus, encouraging the Chakras to recover their natural, healthy frequencies.

The session starts with scanning your energy centres for detecting any particular imbalances in Chakras which need attention. Then the work proceeds by connecting with and channeling the Universal Qi for harmonising your energy centres and reviving your aura to its natural vibrant state.
During the healing process, release of negative emotional patterns may occur which will be helped with empowering scents and colour visualisation, By allowing the Reiki to flow through you, you will also learn to heal yourself.
This method of health regeneration, brings balance and peace to the recipient by reminding them that the source of all healing is within themselves.

What can be achieved?

The treatment aims to reconnect one to the Original Supply/Source of healing energy .  This method of hands-off therapy is extremely gentle and un-intrusive, helping with a wide variety of physical or emotional problems and spiritual predicaments.

Just to name a few, chakra healing is especially effective in treating conditions such as sadness, lack of self-esteem, lack of motivation, concentration. Also releasing of trapped emotions and letting go of past negative imprints.

Test result: Emotional plane

Having your results linked to this page, denote your 'Emotional' cycle's preponderance. At this moment of time you simply don't need too much physical or analetical approach. Instead, what can give you a greater sense of relief, is just a harmonising hands-off healing,
Chakra balancing with Reiki Sound Healing is what your system would respond to satisfactorily as it directly accesses the second layer of your auric feild or the emotional body. The emotional body is governed by our feelings and can be accessed through our conscious thoughts and unconscious mind.
Here the initial change takes place on the emotional-body, before reaching and affecting your physical, mental (logical mind) and astral levels.