One to one and group sessions
Holorhythmic™ Therapy
Energy repaterning sessions. An effective method for personal empowerment, changing the course of unwanted repetitive patterns in life and generating physical health and well-being .
Hands on healing system through clothing, using meridians and energy vortices (tsubos) for diagnosing and healing the energetic imbalances within the organs, as well as clearing blockages on meridians, causing joint and muscle problems.
Facial Acusonic
A safe and effective alternative to surgical face-lift and invasive procedures. In just few sessions, witness wrinkles and lines disappear. Other than beautifying results, Acusonic Facial will also help you to calm the mind, balance the hormones and fortify the central nervous system
Reiki Sound Healing
Measuring the aura's fluctuations and fine-tuning the chakras through Reiki and sound frequencies. Effective for treating emotional, mental as well as physical complaints.
Soundbath & Meditation Take this session as a treatment on its own, one to one or in a group setting. Or take it during the gaps in between any other treatments. The sound-bath is a great way to energise and relax in the meantime, as well as for the maintenance of your wellbeing.

Holistic treatments

All four methods of treatments that I offer are equally effective in healing a wide range of common ailments, but the treatment which will benefit you most is the one that matches with your current bio-energetic aspect. During our initial consultation, I will assess your bio-energetic level and suggest a treatment accordingly. I will also be glad to discuss your requirements over the phone or by email, and recommend a treatment to suit your your needs and preferences. Alternatively, you can take an online test to decide which therapy is best for your presenting symptom.

Duration & frequency of visits

Each consultation lasts approximately 1 hour, but longer or shorter sessions can also be arranged. Please allow an additional 15 to 20 minutes extra time for the initial consultation. Everyone’s speed of remission varies. Acute conditions may disappear in just 1 to 3 sessions and the chronic ones usually take 3 to 6 visits to improve.
Distant healing and home or hospital visits available upon request.

Booking & Re-Scheduling Policy

At Earthbeat Holistics we are running on a very busy schedule therefore, booking at least 48 hours in advance by paying a deposit is strongly advisable to assure an appointment.
When calling to book an appointment please make sure that the date and time you are booking for is final and well decided, as repeated rescheduling (of three consecutive appointments) within a month, can result in losing your deposit.
However, I understand that there are one-off instances when you must reschedule an appointment due to an emergency or an obligation for work or family.            
In such cases your deposit will be banked towards your next appointment, if booked within a month. Otherwise, when returning after a month, a new deposit will be required to secure an appointment.

Giving a three days advanced notice for rescheduling an appointment, will give another person the possibility to have access to timely treatments.