Reiki Attunement

There are four stages or degrees of Reiki to which you can be attuned, with 1 to 3 months interval between each attunement, depending on your time schedule and your progress rate.
Each level of the attunement involves practice, reading and documenting your experiences. For example, you will need to commit yourself  to keep your focus on breathing the breath of QI . Act upon the 5 Principals of Reiki (affirmations) every day and as many times a day! make them part of your daily life and integrate them within your mindset.  And above all- remind yourself every day, that you are Reiki - that you are connected and that you are part of a greater energy network which connects us all and everything together.

Each level of initiation can be complimented by the Divine Frequencies mini workshop on the same day or during the subsequent months. This will give you access to an indepth understanding of the working of Rei-Ki on a personal as well as greater levels.

Why get attuned?

Once you received your first initiation, you will become Reiki and will stay in that energetic connection for life and you will act as a conduit for the Universalreiki diploma
Ki to flow through you freely. This phenomenon will be perceived by others in particular by children and pets making them feel safe and happy around you.
The symbols that you receive on each initiation will work like a key to tune into specific layer of the Universal Ki and travel through alternative realities (as strange as it may sound, but real). You can then use these keys to boost your own or others' energy, heal and cleanse the aura after a trauma or illness, energise the living space and so on. 
This is the way of the enlightened and now is your time to join the web of light for healing and cultivating inner joy. 

what is each initiation about?

Reiki I
This is the first and the most crucial stage in Reiki path for you to attain. At Reiki Level I, you will be taught to integrate the CKR symbol in any given situation with the traditional hand positions learned over the one day course. Once you have attained the first degree you will be able to give healing to family, friends, plants, animals and to yourself. Giving healing to oneself is a very important part of Reiki I.

Reiki II
The second stage of Reiki involves learning to work with two more very powerful healing symbols; SHK and HSZSN which will strengthen your energetic abilities acquired through Reiki Level I, and will enable you to send healing over great distances and forwards or backwards in time.
At the end of level two, you can apply for a profetional indemnity insurance or add Reiki to your existing policy if you plan taking your Reiki skill to the public.

Reiki III
Also known as Reiki Level III a, this is when you will be attuned to the Master or Empowerment symbol DKM for fine-tuning and greatly enhancing your perception and focus of the universal energy.
There is a great deal of work involved in taking the third degree which may be considered a start, rather than an end to an ongoing lifetime study of personal/spiritual development and growth.
At this stage you can practice on members of public.

Reiki Teacher Training
Also known as Reiki Level III b, this studies enables the master to become a teacher, learning how to teach and pass on attunements. In some cases it is possible to conjoin Reiki III a and Reiki TT together as a full day course.
The full details of level III b is not listed on this web site, as I offer this as a custom made course designed according to the Level III a initiatee's prospect teaching circumstances. More details can be discussed in person..

Venue & time

All attunements are held at Earthbeat Studio (West London) 10.00 am -13.00 pm on selected Sundays.
Reijus may be arranged individually after receiving the attunement.
Other dates and times may be possible on a one to one bases, by prior arrangement. For all  enquiries please send an email or contact the studio  020 8811 1556 between 9.00am and 6.00pm