Healing Pottery Workshop : Udu Drum Making

Create, Drum, Reonnect
Udu Drum
Our natural state of being is to live with inner joy. When our Elemental energies resonate in perfect harmony with that of the Mother Earth we then can become magnets for attracting whatever we set our intention on.
Through clay drum making and accessing our Elemental rhythms, we can thrive on the right "octaves" and discover how these relate to our life experiences and our sense of "inner joy".
In this workshop you will create a drum which embodies your unique Element of joy while representing your rediscovered personal strength and rhythms of well-being.

Making and playing an Udu drum is a wonderful way to instigate creative thinking, gain new insights for problem solving and staying rooted and focused in the Now. You may also choose to make a clay drum simply as a sound-healing instrument for sharing it with your clients, friends and family.

This workshop is open to all levels and abilities, especially those who would like to explore the sound-healing aspect of this art with little or no experience in pottery or drumming.
Once you decided to join this workshop, start reflecting upon the following question:
Which aspect of my life needs more joy?
Make it simple and clear, and come along with your intention in mind and an open heart to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

What this workshop covers?

Using clay as a metaphor for the “self”, find out how an emotion, a thought or an idea can be developed into a ceramic drum.
The healing aspect of this course refers to attaining mental and emotional clarity by connecting with the Schumann Resonance through Udu drumming, Rhythmic breathing and being in the "Now", while working with this life enhancing substance called clay!
The course also covers some aspects of sound healing through the implication of Udu drumming for personal empowerment and spiritual attainment.

Here you will m make a clay drum using coiling and press-molding techniques and give your drum some finishing touches using simple methods, such as inlay and burnishing (creating a delicate shine).
Understand the dynamics of 5 Elements energy through working with clay, colours, forms and sounds.
Discover the Element(s) responsible for your inner joy and well-being.
Find your power symbols and take part in a beautiful Earth Goddess meditation, for consecrating your completed drum.
As an extra you will also learn how to drum your Udu with the 5 Elements rhythms - for chasing the blues away, bettering relationships, achieving a sense of calm and centredness.

Also you would have made a unique drum that can go home with you and rest undisturbed for 48 hours to cure (harden) ready for drumming.

How this workshop is organised?

This workshop can be taken as a one to one or in a group setting of maximum 3 people. The contact time is 5 hours, with 1 hour lunch brake and snacks/beverage in between.
There will be enough time for you to learn making colouring (optional) and polishing your work into a silky to touch drum.

1-The first part of the day is about making the drum's body ready for assembling and decorating-burnishing later during the day.
2- After a short tea brake, we will embark on a guided meditation for finding your power symbols or animal to inspire you with your drum's theme.
3- The second part of the day- after lunch- we will assemble the leather-hard (semi dry) parts of the drum and decorate its surface with a finishing method of your choice (cold glaze or burnishing).
4- Before closing the day, we will connect with the Earth Energy to bless our drums, for producing happy vibrations on its every beat.
The clay we use is a superior quality, professional grade, self-hardening clay ( gray or terracotta), which behaves as normal pottery clay suitable for firing and glazing at earthenware temperatures (should you wish to continue adding more details to your drum and glaze it with a matt or shiny glaze).

What can be achieved at the end of this workshop?

What you can achieve at the end of this workshop, is largely dependent on what you are prepared to put into making your drum.
Your Udu drum is programmed according to your intent and desire to achieve what you need to achieve. It is made to balance your energetic rhythms: The rhythms that you will discover during the course are those that you need in order to raise yourself above the 3rd dimensional reality (worries, attachments, needs and sufferings)

After the completion of this workshop, you may like to continue working on your clay drum or glazing it with special ceramic glazes, in which case you would leave your work to be bisque fired and return for glazing on a following Saturday. Also, If you wish to produce additional itemsit will be calculated at £10.00 per pound of clay. Precious metal oxides, lustres (Copper, Gold, Mother of pearl), may be purchased at a cost of £3 per /ml.

Venue & time

This workshop is held at Earthbeat Studio (West London) on second Saturday of each month 10.00 am -6.00 pm
For all  enquiries please send an email to:  earthbeatholistics@gmail.com or contact the studio  020 8811 1556 weekdays between 9.00am and 6.00pm.